Blessed Be The Child

Blessed be the child

That honors his father and mother

Blessed be the child

That understands the difference between hate

And loving one another

Blessed be the child

That prays and understands right from wrong

For he shall inherit true wisdom, to instill in his children

And on, and on, and on

Blessed be to all Gods children

Whose faith is pure and true

For he so loved this sinful world

He sacrificed his son for you


As we have walked along life’s highways, we have come to the realization that in everything we do, Jesus is there to protect and guide us.  Even when we think there is no where to turn or no where to go, we can close our eyes and pray, for He’s always there listening attentively whenever we need him.  

May the blessings of God, Christ our Lord rain down on you and shower you with his blessings always.


Ebony Blessings

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Dewey Davis's picture

Thank you for the prayer; a very wise prayer. You always have a very positive message.