All my grief is over and done

My restlessness’ has passed

I am at home with Jesus now

God has called me back

Rejoice, sing, and give praise to the Lord

No need to whimper or weep

I am, in a better place, I have made it home

My life is now complete

Stand strong in the Lord my family

Look beyond, the misery and strife

Because trouble won't last always

Only everlasting life

Life was good with you "My Family"

Heaven is now my home

"Don't Weep" For I am happy here

All my pain is gone

Please don't grieve so deeply

For this is our father’s will

Look beyond your shadows of pain

You'll see and feel me, Yes! " I love you still"

Jesus came to meet me

I welcomed him with open arms

There was joy and peace in his presence

A void fulfilled, so comforting and warm

Heaven is my home now

Happiness surrounds me within

He has prepared a place for you also

As your old life passes away, a new life with Him you’ll beginning

I made it home

I'm happy, I'm happy I am happy

Thank you Jesus!!

I have made it home


Ebony Blessings, vb.

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