The Store

As I walked aside the road

I came upon a store

The name of it was “Everything is Free”

We have treasures galore.

As I walked through the door

wondering what I would find

This store was filled with unlimited

things to build and enhance your mind!

There were stairs on every isle

to help you acquire what you choose

and each book or word that you touch

became a part of you.

I gathered same values and goals

as I saw the word success

But I hadn’t climbed high enough

to acquire that word yet.

There were other words on the shelf

that I knew I could use and need

They were “focus, courage, self worth”

And let’s not forget the word “believe”

Still I was dismayed not knowing

where to start.

Until I saw this great big word, it was “love”

enclosed inside a heart.

As I reached for the word, it covered

my body and soul. Caressing my mind

with knowledge, revealing my values

and goals.

12 years, I visited this store, letting it’s

words of wisdom feed my mind.

Finally reaching the word success, I knew

it was my time.

Now wearing a cap and gown, walking

with my head held high, did I mentioned I

grabbed an arm full of achievement and an

unlimited supply of pride.

As I reached for my diploma, with pure proud

Satisfaction on my face.

I knew I had achieved my goals, and I have

Won this race.

By: Ebony Blessing

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An inspiration to all from an author that is always inspired...

This is my dedication

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