There is a man, who took you in.

When you were too young to remember.

He was 25, and took on 3 kids...

then a daughter came in October.

Of all the years, I only remember,

good times, smiles and laughs.

He was always there, witout conviction.

He led you down your paths.

But like a man, he's made mistakes.

He's only human after all.

25 years pass, and it falls apart,

like you remember nothing at all.

I don't understand these complications,

why you can't pick up the phone.

He's been everything to you, since you can remember.

This has always been your home.

There is a man who took you in,

and now you don't even bother.

The pain you've inflicted, he hides from me,

but I can see the pain in my father.

How could you be so ungreatful to him?

And betray him with no cause?

How can you live, with a smile on your face?

Like you remember nothing at all?

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