When we were children,

we would play with dolls,

and stay at each others houses.

We'd fight over pencils,

And rent movies rated G.

We'd read our Archies,

our full collection.

I'd stay at your house for supper,

put presents under your tree.

Years unfold wildly,

not so little anymore.

No more dolls to play with,

no more swings in the backyard.

No more ship to shore,

no more slumber parties.

No more time alone.

No more Archie comics.

Only memories of how close we were,

how close we havn't been in years.

Too much distance between us,

as we both try to repair.

But the fixing takes time and effort,

time we cannot spare.

Losing my best friend slowly.

Losing the best of my years.

No more barbies to play with.

Too many people in between.

Too many differences between us now,

you no longer live across the street.

No longer will I sneak to your house,

to get lost in the grass.

No more spotlight in my backyard.

No more Jugglers Cove.

When we were children, we were best friends.

Then we both grew up.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

April 22nd, 2005

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