The patience I have, you take for granted.

As I have been waiting,

Unsure of what.

I fear I’ve always wanted you.

Through it all, I never gave up.

Your intentions bind with mine, to make one purpose.

But in the confusion we take our falls.

At the end of the day I consider your words,

Then wonder why I want you at all.

The patience I have, spreads thin at times.

Still you find the time to run me down.

I must be the most givingest fool.

As you are a fool for lust.

The patience you have is incredible, as I push upon your emotions.

As I get nothing, I keep pressing,

Until I get a reaction.

I don’t think I can give up,

as we’ve come too far to return.

I think about and wait for you,

and want you ‘til it hurts.

Through your words and your rejections

I begin to feel my doubt.

So now I wait for the pain and regret you’ll feel,

When my patience has run out

Author's Notes/Comments: 

March 6th, 2005

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Stacy A. Yarnell's picture

Superb! I have over 150 pieces of work, but nothing that has an echoing of the last line here. It encapsulates the whole piece in one jerking, head reeling curve. GREAT!