Tune Up



mid-Winter blues

I pick up my guitar, a friend and muse
chord strumming reverberates

   straight through the wood into my heart

fingers fly along the frets
fretting turns to forget
as Dave Matthews the All-Mighty begets
  "why in all this hatred do you fill me up with love...
    love love love...
    love love love...
    love love love is all around"


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allets's picture

You Play? Awwwwwsome!

I always wanted to play an instrument - piano or flute. No $ for lesson, no air (bad lungs) for woodwinds. You have a musician and poet's soul. - slc



DSR.Summar's picture

Bless You allets_()_

You don't need no lessons! Just pick up a guitar and it'll use you to play itself;)

gandharva's picture

keep strummin D

I like Dave M too

DSR.Summar's picture

Everyday g;)

"all soul searchers, like you n me"
Dave saves!