She Tells You

[She] tells you I'm so done with this-
&& [She] speaks in her mind "I'm SO through..."
Yet lies awake in bed-
&& her heart still beats-

It's you.

You tell her that she's better,
You tell her she's given you more.
You tell her that she's shown nothing.
and then you place her on 'IGNORE'.

[She] tells you that [She] is still stuck.
[She] tells you that [She] is still torn.
[She] tells you that [She] is still being patient,
but [She] still sees herself carrying YOUR firstborn.

You tell her 'your fake'
&& that her 'desires are un-true.'
You tell her that she wants the impossible...
&& [She] can't be with you.

[She] tells you 'I will leave then,
because it's what you really want'
Without a word...
You let her go....


Author's Notes/Comments: 

..but what did you REALLY want?

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Jenny Cervantes's picture

wow. datz kinda sad. its so awesome. keep it up. i lyked it a lot.
baby j.