Where Will You Find Me?

Ask of yourself as you do of those around you.
Never boasting about your accomplishments, or failures.
Dream of that which can be achieved within your imagination.
Rightfully encourage the divine justice of the universe
Eccentricty is key to sewing and seeing the difference.
Authenticity is the key to knowing the truth of your being.
Indulgence is the key to losing it all
Simple is the task you have been told; was not.
Narrow is the mind you were given 2 expand upon "free" will.
Open is that mind, should you choose to desire higher than this
Temptation is a key to losing the focus you may chose to regain
Honor is the key to coming back to your self, where i am.
iNside is the place You're gonnA find the truth of the self
New Beginnings will always arise-
Being Optimistic will allow embracement of the changes of life
Under the sky and in peace- that's where you're gonna find me.
Trust in the Creator to be the light and action you choose 2be
Oblivious to any former dissatisfaction and ignoring cravings
Feelings are no longer reaction-
GiVe mE the shot. As you Take A shot To Enjoy That PeaceOfMinD
Only then, without you're shot. . . will i understand the self
Death- inevitably will be the beginning of my reincarnation.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This isn't done. I don't have time to finish it today

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

your piece is so true,by the way I too am an Aries b/d 3/24