The Scar

When it was over...
It took me fourteen days before I ate,
It took me seven weeks before my tears seized
It took me nine months to "forget" the sex
It took me four girls, two guys, and the self within me
To stand where I stand today.

When you came back....
It was like we could somehow start again,
Be friends, but on such a different level.
We can laugh about the past
Reminise on the times we spent apart
And somehow come back...
To that space.
That space that we shared on the porch of Tia's
With our Smiley faced liter and our ambitions to be true friends-
Through it all. And i mean that in the most literal sense.
:) Smiley's it what we wanted to create!
I looked at that scar nearly every day.
I don't know if it's you I thought of,
Or the persons we used to be, so it seems.

The time has runn thinner-
and we're in a new brighter position for the better.
I just want you to know...

I will forever love you unconditionally.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for Val :)

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katrinea's picture

This reminds me about how tough a break up can be.

If you really love a person, I suppose it's easy to take this person back, depending on the cause of the break up. It shows an optimistic side to the poem and makes me feel lighter, somehow.

I am not sure why, but I really liked that part where you mention "porch of Tia's". Maybe it's beacause it seems more real when you bring something personal and different like that into the poem.