Through the Act


I feel the sense of loneliness,

Despite the surrounding crowd,

I can hear the silence,

Even though the room is loud,

I see the sparkling tears,

In the midst of your laughter,

I can cleary see the rain,

Even in the rainbow after,

I know the art of evasion,

Of hiding your pain from others,

I know the rocks you lay your head on,

Though you swear they were feathers,

I can factor in your weakness,

Though all they see is strength,

I know you've made a decision in moments,

When it looks as though you've thought at length,

I can tell the hidden nightmares,

In the sweetest of your dreams,

I can see the darkness enclosing,

On your slivers of moonbeams,

I see how your arms hand loosely,

When another advances for a hug,

But mostly, through the act of hatred,

I can see the glow of love.

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