My Everything


You were...

My constant; the one thing I thought would never change,

But change it did,

My northern star; shining brightly- you outshone them all,

Now it's faded,

My sun; giving me light through everything,

It's been covered by clouds,

My angel; helping me fly when I had no wings,

I will never fly again,

My hope; when I thought things were at their worst,

I have no more hope,

My rose; among all the thorns and weeds,

You've been overgrown,

My sky; clear, wide, with no boundaries,

Now there are so many boundaries,

My dream; showing me that nothing is impossible,

Now my dreams are shattered,

my everything; you meant the world to me,

But I've lost you.

~For Christian Ray Oliveros~

-inspired by The X-Files-

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