Horror In Whitechapel


Once upon a Victorian evening

In London's east end

There were women screaming

Victims of murder in 1888

Commited by a Ripper called Jack

Five women in total met their fate

He killed with so much savagery and lust

There was likely no woman he thought he could trust

His victims were prostitutes

London's most poor

Opening their legs for a pittance

A sad existence, this is true

Earning only enough every night

For a bed and a few bites of food

Now whoever Jack was

(And there are as many suspects

as there are authors who have written

books about him)

He was a man possessed by a drive to kill

To rip into his victims if only for a thrill

The gutwrenching crimes he committed

Are infamous the world over

And five ordinary women

have been immortalized by their killer...

Mary Ann Nichols, 08/31/1888

Annie Chapman, 09/08/1888

Elizabeth Stride, 09/30/1888

Catherine Eddowes, 09/30/1888

and Mary Jane Kelly, 11/09/1888

As the last moments of their lives

Knew nothing but unspeakable horror

I pray that their rest is peaceful, forever more.

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Excellent summary of the case. I think, with good reason, that one can make a plausible argument that Mary Kelley actually escaped. There are three great difficulties in the last murder that none of the more classical theories can explain away: the sudden end of the spree; the difference, in both setting and method, of the fifth murder; and the repeated sightings, at least two of them, by independent witnesses, of Mary Kelley on the day after she was supposedly murdered. One hypothesis, however, will explain all three anomalies in a single sentence.