The bias you see inherent in Nature,

Simply put these are but Nature's laws…

God’s work is nature: Be sure,

You may try but cannot find flaws!

Evil in His creation you may seldom find:

This just cannot negate His existence.

For, goodness outstrips evil. Bear in mind:

Nature ordains health to prevail over pestilence!

Nature ordains that the things that are best

Are equally set with those that are worst,

With the average to be in the majority…

Normal Distribution is her Law: Since antiquity!

This, then, can be, at least, safely assumed:

God’s work-nature-acts as a fine balance…

Curse not Nature: Like some ignoramus subsumed,

Only misery and evil in His account, for instance…

For an athlete- expect someone to lame,

For a genius- suffer a moron: Don’t blame!

For sure, you may live in pretence,

But, for God’s sake, use your common sense!!

STW/24 July 2006

[In reply to a gentleman who wanted explanation of miseries, evils and sadness extant in this world]

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