Bottomless Pit

As I fall in the pit

of hell

razor blades rip my soul



There is no rest

for I bleed,


Memories of mistakes

haunt me forever


The depression i had

in life follows me in death


Agonzing but just pain

as I am being pricked by the pins


Falling without end

into the darkness


Down the rabbit hole

of madness


No love here;

hate pure


We do not walk

but glind


Cascading into



Rot forever;

we never die


We are always



But continue to

live in death 


Continue to die;

No rest for our souls




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Very Dantesque.  The word

Very Dantesque.  The word "glind in there. 20th line---is that a typo?  The whole poem bears a good witness to a very real destiny that no one has to choose if they would just believe.


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Yes I corrected the typo.

Yes I corrected the typo. Many people think it's all doom and gloom and a myth. But once you know the truth, you cannot go back to living without repentanc.