The Girls of Lenore

The Girls of Lenore

Compare thee I will to the starlight above

Your beauty amongst them dims their brightness yet still

If only once a word was spoken

What would it be to calm and soothe

If only once a heart was broken

When would it be - the noon

And at what time to give such token

The Gods remark, "too soon"

For you were once my heart unspoken

And in the wind the answer blew

Amendments to and juxtapose

Reparations for and disclose

For you were once a friend of mine

A lover's touch denied

How long my heart beats out of time

And still the wind won't choose

In the madness of the burrow

Eternity quickly fades

Leaving moonlight's time a ticking

Losing track in infinite waves

And upon my castle high sbove

The moon and stars collide with love

The sands of time become a dune

As lovers await the noon

A brief interlude must now commence

And introject questions all lovers have

Is this the girl of your hearts' desire?

Of me your thoughts ignore

Its beating so rare

So bloodied and mired

Answer to all quests explored?

Did not we walk hand and hand in sunlight?

Did not the shadows hold treasures at nightime?

Did not we know the moment of bliss

Once hiding in shadows revealing a kiss?

Hast thy revealed thy nature - a serpent in waiting?

Recollect and expose thy vile complacence

Doth thou have no memory - pretty words for the lending?

The girls of Lenore thou heart hast been sending

Hast thou tongue grown so stale

Dost thou nothing to say

Dost thou recall a remembrance of girls you betray

Dost think of me on knees abending

Or hide in the shadows - offenses amending

I now repair to the bowels of my lair

To question the madness of hours for hours

And days and nights

And ticking and tocs

And thinking of days -

Endless days of thought

Is that the tic of an angel of present?

The toc of a spectre of yore?

Is that the tic of a fantasy envisioned?

A toc of the girls of Lenore?

What be the answer your heart won't say

And answer thusly the words you betray

It be not long, it calm and soothe

It hides in shadows in sunlight til noon

It speaks of time and infinite reaches

It knows of the burrow and depths of the breeches

It speaks of pain and beauty and light

Comparing to shadow and darkness of night

What be the answer?

Speak now and expose

The madness of ticking -

This second disclose

I'll answer the question before bells of tolling

The answer be simple yet terrible not knowing

It be not long

Not be too soon

The answer be one

One day

With you

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