The horror to my fate, 

That anyone knows,

That I am not perfect,

This is my deepest woe.



I am an incredible host,

You'll want to stay still the end,

But if you know this,

I won't know how to live.



I cannot seem to shake this stress.

Trying to only show my best.



I can't show the things I consider weak.

What would people think of me?



Safe in my bubble of secrecy,

No one should ever lie,

If they touch me here,

I'll feel the need to die, hide, cry.



I cannot go on,

No one must know,

That I am not perfect,

This is my deepest woe.




You have feelings?

Horrible, I know!

How can you show these out in the world?



Perfect perfect perfect,

That is how you all must be!

Without this,

You would be nothing.



To show anything else is futile,

I haven't shown myself in quite a while.

For those that know I am not perfect, 

This is my deepest woe.



How can anyone understand,

These feelings are not to be on display.

Those who share are fools I say,

How can they live their days.



Oh to be human,

Why do you treat it as a sin?

Because of the meer world we live in?



To hide in this fallacy is a lie,

You should all know.

This perfection is eating your mind and soul.


I am not perfect,

That is known,

But why be afraid?

This is NOT my deepest woe.



Are you afraid?

Afraid someone may touch your soul.

Afraid to be helped based on pity,

No one could possibly want to help you based on,






Your pride so high, 

It is actually low, 

You just can't see it,

Until you are deep in this hole.



Who you are and how you feel isn't something you need to fear.

Being "perfect" is not my deepest woe.

We are all "flawed" beyond control.


So just breath, and let go.

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Hav u just found you, sounds evoluionary true.