No Answers To The If's and Why's

Looking inside I realize I'm not the same, I've watched old men go to sleep for the last time, a parent tell a child goodbye, I've seen children who never had a chance go from life to lifeless from cancer, people die in an instant and some. . . Well some take parts of me. I've seen a young girl take her last breath as both husband and father cry to God for answers. . . Me well I push on to the next and swallow it all inside, put on a smile only to see a junkie come in crying for a fix and listen to him lie. I don't know why I do this anymore, it's not to watch a young man take his body for granted, only to see a kid who never had half a shot give their all for another day. I think I need someone to save me because I'm losing hope and I'm afraid I might walk away. I think I forgotten who I am, because who I was thought I could make a difference, but the truth was always there I just missed it. The codes to mask the severity, the terms to throw off the truth, I can't remember just who I do this for, them or me. I thought I'd feel good to help but some days are so bad I make believe I'm numb, but some times I don't have to pretend at all.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not going to begin to express the sympathy I've felt for some people, I refrain from ever writing about work but today was just different.

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powerful write,sounds like a

powerful write,sounds like a counciller trying to help people while it is eating you up

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Having to become numb...

Its gotta be intense having the sympathetic experience in which others are suffering.  Sad but honest write, understandable to a t.  Don't be afraid to talk to god.  I hope you have betters days ahead,  Non smiter of senior citizens.     

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Empathy, not sympathy

Sometimes, you just have to let it out. It's a good write, sad but good.