Thank you

Past Loves

Thank you for being the air that I breathe

with out you I would die.

Thank for being the blanket in winter

with out you i'd freeze.

Thank you for being the hand the reaches to pick me up

with out you I'd still be in a hole.

Sometimes I'm scared that my air will run out, or my blanket be ripped off...or of the hand being an illusion.

But if I can thank you now, no matter what happens... I'll still thank you tomorrow and the days to come.

So I'll thank you now, not knowing what tomorrow holds... but know this you'll always be my air.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it probably sounds lame and corny, and i'm kinda unsure what it is but what do you expect it's 1:20 am... well actually it's the best time to write. Thank you.

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