Just My Way


She did something unforgivable

She broke his stolen heart

And she never gave it back

It was just her way.

He should have hated her.

He should have moved on.

But the love he had for her

Grew strong.

He always cared,

No matter whom she was with.

I didn’t make a difference,

He was her friend.

He will always worry about her

And always makes sure she's ok

He checks in time to time,

Sees her here and there,

And if any pain shows on her face

He rushes to her side to cheer her up;

He forgave her a long time ago,

I guess her punishment is that she can't

Forgive herself, because till this day...

She can see the hurt in his eyes

And the pain he never deserved.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To J.M.W., thanks for always being there even though I don't deserve it.

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