The frog and the eagle

Fairy tales

Hop, hop, hop, went the frog.

"What are you looking for?" asked a passing bald eagle, on its way to a very important engagement.

"I'm looking for magic," said the frog. "I lost mine and I need more."

The eagle eyed him with disdain. "I thought you had already found magic? with that - what was her name - that girl with the tattered white dress that hugged all the trees. Odd creature, she was. But you seemed to like her."

The frog hopped around a tree stump, focused on its search. "I did find magic with her, for a little while. But she was too full of other things, and they tired me. I just wanted the magic." The frog paused to look under a pile of fallen leaves. "And she was only magic. She didn't have the other things needed to break my spell and turn me into a prince forever. Her magic wore off. I'm looking for someone who has all the ingredients to break the spell."

The eagle circled the tree above the frog once more and started on his way again, but not before saying, "Maybe you're right, simple frog, but the likes of her shall not pass through these woods again for many a day."

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