Make me whole


Always i take up this battle

against myself, against truth

Building walls to protect from fears

and soul-secrets too unpleasant to look in the face

Always i take off one mask

to replace it with another

never daring to be naked

always hiding true vulnerabilities

behind imagined ones

An elaborate game of self-deception

i give up, once again

may this be the last time

i crumple in exhaustion before You

strip me of my false realities

show me true living

take my masks and my self-protection

leave me with nothing but myself

Make me whole

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Sandeep  N S's picture

Beautifully Done.

"Make me whole."OH, its all we want.

"strip me of my false realities
Show me true living
Take my masks and my self-protection
Leave me with nothing,but myself "

Great lines,Thank u for sharing.

I like to add >>>>

If 'I' Go from MY-SELF
What remains is SELF.
And that self am I.
I am,My SELF:)

Truth is there,Where i am Nought.
Truth is that which i am Nought.
Truth is not,that i have thought.
Truth i not,what i have taught.
Truth is.Truth alone is.
With Me or not!

Life is like this,a paradox.
To leave all the false,to find the real.
Leaving dreams,to be the wakefulness.
OH! It still remains a far away dream.
For I am Real.I always IS.......

The Truth, Of, My Self.