Beyond Words


for Julie

When my cry was so silent

and no one knew from where it came

     you came and found me where I hid

     not to make me come out, only to sit by my side

when I went in search of light

tripping and stumbling and changing my mind

     you walked forward with me when I chose to walk

     and even when I chose to walk backwards, you allowed me to

And through it all, you gave me the gift of your Self,

and allowed me to see your own path,

and that you were just as much student as I,

and that I was just as much teacher as you.

And so I braved the Light

and found it

and ran from it

and found it again

     and you cried with me when I fell

     and were joyful with me when I rose

     and told me you loved me

     and allowed me to do the same

And here we both stand

grateful and in awe

moved so that we cannot speak

by our being in eachothers lives

and by the beautiful people that we both are.

There is no before, or after

no coming or going

there is only now

and now is beautiful

beyond words.

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