The ghost of Halloween

Short Stories

The day started off just like any other Halloween I've experienced.  I don't know how it led to this, but there's no use complaining about it since it already happened.  If you're starting to get confused, I'd better explain.  My name is Jennifer McGill, and I am in grade 6 at Steve Baley school.  My best friends are Karen Stevenson and Jane Thomas.  Now, as I was saying, this Halloween I call "My Halloween Disaster."  Well, if you think about it, it wasn't really much of a disaster.  It started out just like any other Halloween, as I said before.  

It was morning recess, and Karen, Jane, and I were discussing what we were going to be for Halloween.  Jane said she was going to be a gypsy, with jewels and makeup and those big, gold, hoop earrings.  Karen said she was going to be a baby.  I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to be, but I wanted it to be a surprise and they both knew that.  But they still tried to get it out of me.  "What are you going to be?!  What are you going to beeee?!?!"  That was Jane.  "Come on, Jen, tell us!  Can't you even give us a clue?"  "Okay.  One clue.  I'm going to be something that exists on a planet that starts with the letter E."  "Hmmmm... a planet that starts with the letter E... Hey, wait a minute!  A planet that starts with the letter E is Earth!" complained Karen.  "Well, you guys said you wanted a clue, and you got your clue.  Now, come on.  The bell just rang and we have to get to class."  Reluctantly, Karen and Jane followed.

Back in the classroom our teacher Miss Hank was talking about what we were going to do for our class Halloween party tomorrow.  "Tomorrow class, we are going to watch a Halloween movie.  It's called: Ghosts and Chills, Spooks and Thrills.  When the movie is over, we will be eating the treats that you will bring in.  Now, who wants to bring in treats?  Okay Karen.  What will you bring in?"  "Well, I'm going to bring pumpkin shaped cookies.  Guess what they're made of, pumpkin!"  "Okay.  Anyone else?"  I raised my hand, then started speaking without being called on.  "I'll bring those new kind of chips that I saw at the store, the chips are shaped in all kinds of Halloween figures, like cats, lollipops, pumpkins, you get the picture."  "That's wonderful, Jennifer.  Just please remember to wait until I call on you." "Okay Miss Hank."  A few more kids raised their hands to give suggestions for more party food.  It was going to be the best Halloween party ever!

Later on in the day I was sitting at my desk, doing a really tough division question, when all of a sudden, a crumpled piece of paper landed on my desk.  I turned around suspiciously and saw Jane grin at me.  I grinned back at her.  I opened the paper and read the message.  Can you come over to my house after school? Yes  No.  I put a check in the "yes" box, quickly checked to make sure Miss Hank wasn't looking, aimed the paper at Jane's desk, and threw.  The ball hit her in the head.  I giggled as I went back to my math problem.

The very next day was Halloween!  Miss Hank had said to come in our costume.  It was time to surprise Jane and Karen.  I put my costume on quickly.  Then I put my coat on over my costume.  I brought my makeup kit, so I could put my makeup on at school.  I started waking out the door of my house.  I spotted Karen and Jane up ahead.  I was about to call to them to wait, but I thought better of it.  I ran as quickly and quietly as possible, until I was right behind them.  Then I put my hand on Karen's shoulder.  She screamed a high-pitched screech and turned around.  Then she gasped.  "Jen!  You could have killed me!"  Then I showed them both my costume.  "Cool costume.  It's the best witch costume I've ever seen.  But where's your makeup?"  "I'm going to put it on at school."  "So am I!" said Karen and Jane together.  Then we all laughed.  "Karen, I see you have your pumpkin cookies.  And I have my chips.  Now lets get going!"  Karen, Jane and I practically flew to school.  

When we got there, the rest of our classmates were already on the carpet, ready to watch the movie.  We quickly hung up our coats and put our food on the table, and sat down with the rest of the class.  Miss Hank turned the movie on.  It was really scary.  It was about this girl named Whitney, and she has to spend three nights alone in a Haunted House.  It was so spooky.  Especially when the ghost appeared to Whitney.  When the movie was over, all our classmates (who were in costumes) started talking and buzzing around the room.  Miss Hank told us to calm down and get to our seats.  Everyone scrambled to their seats.  When we were settled, I raised my hand.  "Yes, Jennifer?"  "Karen, Jane and I need to go put on our makeup in the girls room."  "Okay, you may go, but don't take too long."  "We won't," we chorused.  We ran down to the basement and into the girls room.  We quickly put our makeup on without saying a word.  Then finally Karen said "I'm done."  "So are we.  Come on, lets get upstairs before all the goof is gone, and all the games are done" whined Jane.  "Okay!"

We were coming up the stairs when all of a sudden the lights turned off.  All of them.  It was really weird, because that had never happened before.  We couldn't see anything.  We walked more slowly, since we couldn't see the steps, when a sort of ghostly figure silently floated past me, and brushed against my face.  I stood there shocked and noticed that Jane and Karen had seen it too.  Jane let out a scream, but Karen didn't move.  I knew, I just knew that all the colour had drained from her face.  When I finally gained control of myself I said, "Wh-what was th-that?"  Before any of them had a chance to answer, a package fell from nowhere.  I backed away from it, and then my curiosity got hold of me, and I picked up the package and cautiously opened it, as if a bomb might be inside (and these days, who knew?), and found that it was only a piece of wood, with a message on it.  I read it aloud.  "I guess you already know what I am.  A ghost.  My plan is not to scare you. My plan is to get to the moon.  Can you help me?"  At that moment, the thing that had brushed against my face appeared.  Jane was about to scream again, but I clapped my hand over her mouth.  The ghost spoke, "Tonight, while everyone is Trick-or-Treating, will you bring me to the moon?  I will shrink myself so I can fit in your pocket.  Then when you go out, take me out of your pocket and hold me up to the sky, and I will float up to the moon."  "Okay.  We'll do it."  "Are you nuts?" Jane whispered to me.  "Don't worry." I whispered back.  "Thank you," said the ghost.  "Just don't tell anyone about me."  "We won't," we all said together.  "now get going you three, you don't want to miss your party!"  The ghost shrank himself and hopped into my pocket.  The lights turned back on and the three of us raced back up the rest of the stairs.  We thundered into the classroom.  Miss Hank said "Why, girls, are you all right?"  "We're fine Miss Hank."  "That's good.  Now get to your seats and enjoy the party!"  We ran to our seats and ate the food and played the games.  It really was the best Halloween party ever!

Later that night, I was outside with Jane and Karen, Trick-or-Treating.  We had already gotten a lot of stuff.  "I think it's time to send this ghost to the moon."  I said.  "Okay, get him out of your pocket."  I took the ghost out of my pocket and said, "Okay ghost, go for it."  The ghost floated out of my hand.  He smiled at us and waved goodbye.  We said goodbye, too.  "Goodbye ghost!  Come visit!"  The ghost answered "I will, I will."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this story when I was 11 years old.  I stumbled across the old faded pencil copy as I was cleaning my room.  I haven't edited any part of it, except to put a few paragraphs where I thought my original one weren't enough so it'd be easier to read.  
It represents so much of the beauty and simplicity of children, of their little ways and the way they see the world.  The seemingly 'melodramatics' of children are shown quite innocently here...I doubt I could write something quite so true to a child's nature again.  I think, with a bit of editing (some of the words I chose aren't quite accurate!) it could be a very cute Halloween story for children.  

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Geoff Mcmullen's picture

I was thinking that this must have been written when you were very young, not because the writting exposed you ( which it did not ) but because the perspective of the child came through. From their interaction to the note passing in class. I wasn't much surprised when I read your comments at the end.
You were a very good writer at eleven. I look forward to reading the rest of your progress through your life. It is a rarity that I may get to do so because you have chronicalized
the years. A very unique oppurtunity. I thank you