Come with me


Come with me on this journey, come.

I will show you the beauty of spring,

if you will come with me through the desolate winter.

I will show you how to laugh in the rain,

if you hold my hand as I cry in the sunlight.

I will allow you a glimpse of myself,

if you are not frightened of the dark.

I will show you my real world,

if you will help me tear down the other.

I will show you,

if you will only come.

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running_with_rabbits's picture

I love this one
It sounds like me
I hate the day I feel scared in it and I can't talk or do much
like yesterday before work my co-workers and I had coffee and I was shy, but after work when it was dark my walls were down and I was nice and friendly, I find comfort in the night

and I believe everything good has to come after bad, its a balance you need it to live and good cannot be there without bad
so the spring and winter line was awsome, I really liked the wording

and the laughing in the rain and crying in the sunlight
that was amazing it struck my heart

you have talent


Much Love


Dark Angel's picture

This is a very awesome poem!!!! I'm sorry I love it! Just the way it shows the two worlds is great. Nice work!!!.....oh and thanx for commenting on my poem "insanity".....:)