April 5th, 2002


snow, so gently falling

that you almost forget it is snow.

sunlight streams throught the clouds and the birds are chirping.

Is the world as confused as I am, then?

Winter of darkness or Spring of re-birth?

Does it matter?

In this moment

between the world and me,


it does not matter.

I am alive! I am living!

and if granted nothing else in the seasons to some,

I was granted this,

this one day of delightful confusion,

between me and the world.

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Arooj's picture

days like these are nice sometimes :)

Wesley Junior Rigaud's picture

I like this,
it almost makes me enjoy the canadian winter
nice piece.

The General

Ashleigh's picture

Well, well - I love Spring and the senses it evokes, but never quite sat down long enough to truly flesh out "this one day of delightful confusion". I was initially drawn to this poem because it was, incidentally my 19th Birthday :-) Can it not be both mortality and birth, in the same breath?