* "I see it in the lonely glow of moonlight..."


I see it in the lonely glow of moonlight

I hear it on the solitary cry of the wind,

Circling me, enclosng me, surrounding me,

whispering secrets that I cannot understand.

There is something missing

Something I am longing for

I feel a need deep inside of me,

I don't know what for.

There is a terrible yearning in me, an aching,

Something is calling, silently begging me near,

Slowly tugging at my heart and soul,

beckoning me with a gentle but insistent hand.

I reach out, but, whatever it is,

it is always just beyond my grasp.

In despair I cry out,

but my cries break apart and scatter through the empty darkness.

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published in Labour of Love, May 2002

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I call it Emptyness