* The cracks are what we live for


Only recently have I begun to see

the emotion that you hide so very well

behind your cynisism and joking words

behind your pretense of self confidence.

In your eyes I see the hurting and the pain,

So intense that I have to look away.

If only barriers were broken down

then I could help you.

But we both cling to the walls that separate us.

We don't want them broken,

and even if we did,

we wouldn't know where to start.

So we silenty sit and watch eachother

until, by chance

we discover a crack,

and momentarily see each other; really see each other

before we hastily cover it up again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

published in Carillon, July 2005

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Lady Raine's picture

So much sad truth in this piece....excellently penned...PoeticRaine