I know...I know


I know you are frightened

I know...I know

Hush little one,

take my hand.

I take a step closer to her

Her eyes fill with fear

She scrambles back under the bed

into her protective womb.

It's all right, I whisper to the child

I sit down in front of the bed

I must wait patiently.

Little one, it's safe out here.

Five tiny fingers take hold of the covers

a little face appears

and those pain-filled eyes solemnly watch me

I smile back at her.

Suddenly - a step!

Hope flutters in my breast

Slowly, carefully,

she makes her way over to me.

I hold out my hand.

She looks longingly at it.

Tears come to her eyes.

It'll be all right, I whisper.

"I can't come home yet,"

her soft, child-like voice says.

"I'm not ready."

But she is fighting the need to run.

For now this will have to be enough.

Her eyes glisten.

The pain is too much for her.

I embrace her, holding her close to me.

She is frightened by this love

- but gratefull all the same.

She darts back under the bed,

a little lighter for the coming out.

I fight back the pain in my heart.

Hush little one, I know you are frightened,

I know...I know..., I whisper between tears.

But I will never leave you.

I will wait forever, if I must.

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