A frightened one broke free


Living in a world of solitude

surrouned by people

yet so lonely, somehow.

Her thoughts and feelings struggled to break free

to gain life

until she discoverd the joy of the written word.

Her emotions were given wings

and made to fly

a little distance

until she called them back

into their cages.

She soon realized that keeping them

in their cages, to look at

was not enough

was not the way.

She tentatively let them out

one by one

and was delighted when they came back to her

bringing new thoughts and feelings flying with them.

Until, one day, a frightened one

broke free

and touched so many.

This overwhelmed her

and she turned, hesitantly, towards another way of expression,

of sharing and letting thoughts take to flight

reaching their desired destination directly

and discovered that perhaps

she didn't always have to hide behind her fluttering friends,

but could peek through now and then

and open herself a new doorway.

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I wish I had wings as well. I believe this is a very cute peice.