Farewell to the long ago days of yesterday

The voices that used to shout

are now whispers on the wind

barely heard

but there.

So sharp were the images once

of the faces that I used to see

But now they're blurred

by the rain that used to fall.

The sun came out one day

And shone on the children that used to play

So long ago it seems

That I saw a sunny day.

Maybe one day

The whispers will fall with the rain

And I will see the faces that used to be.

And maybe

I might just hear

more than

yesterday's whispers.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written as an assignment for school.  Our English teacher photocopied random pages from the dictionary and each gave us one.  We had to chose a word on the page and create a poem from it.  My word was "Farewell".  Funny how inspiriation can strike from the oddest sources.

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