* Was it worth it?


They have lost everything, but found something new.

Smiling faces, so cheerful, happy and carefree

Are they still young and innocent, the way they were brought up to be?

How will they react in this new, harsh and cruel world of ours, a different land?

They seem to have adapted well enough, or does it only seem that way?

It's still too soon to tell...

So when will we be able to tell?

Will their innocence slowly fade away, like the rays of the forgotten sun over our concrete city?

Or will they keep it, and hold it fast,

Just like the sun's last lingering beams over their huge grassy fields?

Or will they ask themselves, why have we left?

Left the soft blades of grass, blowing gently in the cool spring breeze,

left the moons soft silvery glow among countless stars,

left it all for our concrete city,

cold and barren, with life inside four walls,

advanced technology,

which advances us in one way but puts us so far back in another;

Will they ask themselves "was it worth it?"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

published in Sunbeams and Shadows by the Poetry Institute of Canada, 1999

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