You'd think I could be smarter


I borrow words

from myself

from me

from myself.

Who is me?

What is self?

I'm such a child

so young and afraid

you'd think I could be smarter

with all that acting

Oh how easy

so very, very easy

to hide behind the mask of

"the quiet girl." the shy one"

"Do you know Ana?"  "Who?"

"The one who's always reading."

"Oh! Her."

So easy          so very very easy

Lose myself in my books

ha     I laugh       I am not there

anymore        they cannot touch me

Yet every time I venture out

I flinch      I cringe

I trip, stumble and fall

with no one there to catch me

I am too weak     too weary      too stupid

to belong        to understand

I won't ever belong

I never used to want to, anyway;

What does it matter.

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