* "Halfway across the world..."


Halfway across the world

A cry was heard,

which shattered the souls of stars

millions of miles away,

while the ones who were so near

turned their eyes away in fear.

And so the cry was silenced.  


Life continued, and the world burst into spring.

The stars, still troubled, managed to rejoice

for the little light,

the little life

the little love there was left.

Though they weeped with the loss of that voice,

they still, in their compassion,

showed us that we too,

should care about what happens

to the next grain of sand.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

published in Shadows of the Dawn, by the Poetry Institute of Canada, 2001

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Megan Swenson's picture

Wow, this is a really great poem, it made my breath catch in my throat for the time I was reading it, and it made me feel very sad.