a bird like you, part 2




Ingrained in me forever is that
night you first landed softly on my shoulder.
I dared not move or breathe, lest I frighten you away.


You kept coming back -


sometimes perching on a long branch,
sometimes landing again on my shoulder.
each visit a little longer than the last.


and then, little bird,
then, you sang.


a quiet note here and there.
soon, a short refrain.
eventually, wandering melodies.


and yet, your true song was in the
spaces between all the melodies.


I fell in love with that song.




I hear the secrets in your silences;
in the breaths you take.


And when you're lost,
I've learned to come look for you in the small places where you hide;
smooth your ruffled feathers,
and wait for your song to return.










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I love this. It just plain made me feel good. 

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