This is my white picket fence;
skipping stones across the water,
barefoot climbing trees,
tending campfires until the sun and moon have long since graced the sky.


I have no strong desires other than these days
of simple company,
prfound solely in our shared deep joy
of these things.


I want to spend my days wading;
jumping in piles of leaves;
finding the perfect stick for a marshmallow.




I never learned the rules
and therefore am never quite asked to play.


I am not a seeker of wisdom, nor truth, nor a dreamer of big dreams.


I want simply to find my way into that Narnia by will,
not by waiting.


I am that stone skipping across the water.
I am these summer days. Fleeting.


Seeking those most elusive of shared moments.


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Sassylass's picture

Very nice

great feeling poem!

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



Morningglory's picture

I agree... Great feeling. 

I agree... Great feeling. 

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