Bloody Tears

The Damien books

Bloody tears fall from scarred eyes


Which carry the burden of eternity's crime


The thorns push more and more day by day


Into the back of the penitent, flayed


Said the priest, to the penitent, the infitinte time


"It is all over, you've left it behind


Why do you carry the tree to this day?"


"Because," spoke he, for the very first time


"It will never be enough to repay."


So he carrried the thorntree a thousand miles


Through the endless brimstone mines


While the swine, and the jackals, all looked on


He tormented himself, because justice was stayed


Till all that ist his soul shall unravel


He will carry it, every day


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Thank you, you're welcome.

Thank you, you're welcome.

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Wow....   Thank you for



Thank you for sharing this with the world <3