For K.G.


The day we met in the caffeteria

When I was in hysteria

The day we met in the forest

To share true love ablaze

We went to the ends of the earth

To ensure the survival of our loves birth

And every passing day or night

For love, we were to fight

And it ended in tragedy, years ago

When I wouldn't put the bottle down

And so I wandered to and fro

Poisoning myself with a frown

These hard lines and sunken cheeks

I carried everywhere with me

I drank all day, I smoked all day

I even tapped the vein

As my anger and malice left

I forgave myself and her

And what to my wondering eyes did I see!

She was standing right in front of me!

We shared a few hours together again

That I would not take back

I loved her so dearly, and gave her my heart

But that was not enough.

I gave you my heart, you wanted my soul

And I would have given it to you

But once again, we were torn apart

I will wander as I wander again

I was an arrogant, pompous, pious ass

A hand grenade at your door

And all the while we wandered about

You called yourself a whore

I still, and will, always love you

But now I have no choice

I don't need no arms around me

This is all of my voice

I will build the wall again

I will fight against sin again

I will search for the child of the night

That shimmers in the light

I gave you my hopes, and dreams, and more

I gave you my heart, my bed, and lore

I gave you my serenity

I gave you my virginity

It will never be enough

And yes I believe in what we had

Our words got in the way

I know I hurt you, but time will heal

But the scars you've given me I CHERISH

You marked my heart, and marks will stay

To remind me of where I've been and who I love

Fuck rhyme now, I'm speaking my heart

You were wondrous and amazing

You thought you were worthless at times, unless you lied

But I believed you

You were never worthless to me

I always aw your beauty

And when I judged, I fucked up bad

But it's all in the past to me

There is a shelf directly below my third rib, slightly off center to the right

And on the shelf, you will always remain

Nothing you can do will take that away

And by now you think I hate you

It really isn't true

Maybe you hate me a little

I can deal with the truth

You will always remain in my heart

I will cherish the good and the bad

I will remember you the day of my death

I will remember the heat of your breath

You cannot take that away from me

No matter what you say

So don't try, it's not worth it

This is how I say goodbye

"I don't need no arms around me

and I don't need no drugs to calm me

I hve seen the writing on the wall

Don't think I need anything at all

No, don't think I need anything at all

All in all you were all just bricks in the wall"

Il prend deux amour

Il prend deux pour vivre

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Levi Smith's picture

It seems like this girl caused you a lot of pain, but it also looks like you caused her just about the same. I don't think this girls hates you at all, she probably still loves you very much but is just scared she's going to hurt you with her lifestyle. Mabey she's trying to save you from hurt because she knows what it's like to be hurt over and over again in realtionships. Your so innocent and naive to the world. Why would she want to take that away from you?

Brandon Bernstein's picture

I have no idea who you are but this story is eerily familiar. I wish my ex wrote this for me. Amazing work.