Thanks to viewers (note 2)

  I would like to take this opporitunity to thank all of you who have viewed my poems.  It gives me great pleasure to have touched someones life, and I have read (yet not critiqued) some of your poems as well over the last two months.  Thank you all!

Make sure that your hearts stay free, like true poets should be... Keep writing, and thank you once again:

Jas Scherlag

Lindsay McKenna

Ashley Martinez

Todd Pack

Melissa Martinez

Shaketa Copelin

Lloyd Wagoner

These are the most recent, and I have read your poetry and shall critique some outstanding poems that catch my eye soon.  Been busy with a full time job and school, but I hold my word.

Thanks again, and shine on you crazy diamond!

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

Awww, what a sweetheart! Thank you for putting me on spotlight! (smiles) Glad you got a chance to check out some of my stuff. Hope you enjoyed. Take care!