Candle to this flame

A lasting pain, to hold on to

Time and again, I let her just slip through

And all my crimson teardrops dried...

Upon the cheek of sympathy

Once again, I've built a wall

How long this time until it falls?

An aching heart that longs to be revived

Until that day, how will I survive?

Is there a light out there?

Is there a candle to this flame?

Does anyone care?

Is there and end to the pain?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in the hopeless void of depression that's been in and out of my life

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Justin Stone's picture

Perhaps you both or right, or perhaps you do not posess the qualities of human emotion that are so deeply instilled in the majority of us. Perhaps you've never lost a loved one, or been sexually abused as a child (THREE FUCKING YEARS OLD) and not find out about its occurance untill the son-of-a-bitch does it again after offering you codeine, vicodin, and methamphetamine and molesting you for six hours straight, then having your whole world slip through your fingers because your psychotic girlfriend with Borderline Personality Disorder desides to threaten your life and ruin your friendships, while your heart shatters into a million collective pieces because of something that I HAD NO CONTROL OVER IN THE FIRST PLACE. Oh, now, your not being to harsh are you... NO, not at all, your only implicating that you have no emotion, and if you DO, you lock it up inside of yourself and refuse to cope with it in healthy ways like expressing your emotions in a GOD DAMNED POEM. YOU go lose everything important in your life, and then you tell ME not to vent my frustration. OK? ASSHOLES?!?!!?

Tabitha's picture

No there isn't ever going to be an end to your pain until you start realizing that the things your doing and the ways your acting are leading to your own demise. Who knows you might have already screwed yourself over and lost all that ever really mattered to you. If you did than that's YOUR fault and noone else's. If anyone ever cared for you and than stopped caring than that's also your fault because you pushed them away. When are you going to stop crying at night to yourself about how fucked up your life is and acutally start taking the steps to make things right again? Your your own worst enemy.

Eveningstar's picture

i completely agree with tabitha there. there are too many people who whine and complain about how utterly depressed they are and how forlorne and woe is me.... thats a load of crap if you ask me. get over yourself Justin! stop being so homo! i laothe people like you! cry me a river and then build yourself a frigg'n bridge to GET OVER IT!