Wayward Soul


My life is torn in two

I need a soul anew

All the pain flowing through my veins

My heart is caught on fire

Inside me, a grim desire

To take away all the sanity in me

In me?  Or in body

In body?  Or in mind

The night has gone to hush

Yet the moon does but blush

Chills of fear running throughout

I only want to end

This pain before I descend

All the light flowing from the sky

Help me, oh help this wayward soul

I'm lost in a sea of despair, and have no control

The passion in my mind

Why can't I just leave it behind?

Flames do singe my thoughts

This beast cannot be caught

He rund rampant throughout my brain

Why can't I just quit?

Because I cannot admit

That I'm a slave to an object so pale

Free me from this cage

All the world is a stage

I'm merely a man, but no greater

I only want to quell the fires

This tale, meloncholy

I cannot stop falling

Deeper, deeper down in this pit

I just can't get out

I not but scream and shout

I cry to God to just end all my pain

Help me, help this wayward soul

I need rest, I tread on worn feet

I have sanity in lack

But I only want my heart back

Give me my heart back, it's broken apart

I want my life again, fresh to start

I'll run so far away from this prison in me

I'll clean out my blind eyes, so they can see

Free this wayward soul

Brace the sea of pain

Give me my heart back

I want to live now

Because it only takes one shot to do me in

One line, a line begins

One hit and then I'm gone

One needle to my arm

One tab

One line

One toke

and then I'm gone...

But I want my heart back

I love her so dearly, so I must fight this war

I must fight until my body is sore

I must force this demon, out of my mind

I must leave this world... leave it behind

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Je veux seulement oublier

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We all want to forget.