Nothing is My Name


Nothing is what I am

Speaks my name, speaks my soul

Nothing is who I am

Take control, take control

Nothing is this dear life

In my hands, in my hands

Nothing does it mean,

Nothing dear, nothing grand

Nothing cries my voice

Have no choice, have no choice

Nothing is ever happy

Nothing is ever meant for me

Nothing is my mortal

Nothing here, nothing there

Not a penny is it worth

So my life I shall not spare

I am nothing, speaks my mind

I drag on, like an eagle falling

Nothing will I ever be, not for you, not to me

Lost is my soul, into the void

Nothing speaks my heart

Nothing cries my soul

Nothing shouts my lips

Nothing am I now

Nothing tells the words

That I say, that I say

Nothing tells my throat

That I cut with the blade

A worthless plague on the end of the road

An endless life that drags on, so I’m told

I am nothing, cries the wind, through the night, through the night

Nothing howls the trees, branches speak, they are right

I am the shadow of the girl that’s lost behind

I am the one who lurks, to seek death of my mind

I am the tortured soul of the splendor of the earth

I am the vindictive spirit, spurned from birth, spurned from birth

Bloodless books, they tell the lies

Hear my dormant endless cries

Hear the story that never ends

It only ends where it begins

Nothing am I now, as I sit as I sit

Blackened hole I’ve fallen, in the pit, in the pit

Queer are the memories, yet haunting are the lies

Now I only seek one thing, to die, yes, to die

Free me gently from my flaws

Free me from life’s lawless laws

Barricade me in a room

Pitch the key, and seal my tomb

Nothing am I worth

From my birth, from my birth

Nothing shall I be

Set me free, set me free

Westward worries haunt my spirit

End is near, oh can you hear it?

Taunting and teasing all the while

Death shall walk my last life’s mile

Nothing to be for notorious is my name

Nothing to be ever again, never to live in fame

Amidst the clouds of hatreds shroud

I hide from thee, I’m mortal now

My bearing is set, I’m set to burn

But only if my soul could learn

Temping blade, I call to thee

But thou will STILL not set me free

Nothing am I worth, nothing will I be

Nothing is the end of the road

Nothing, speaks my tender voice

Nothing, I have no choice

I am nothing, read my soul

I am nothing, in my hole

I am nothing, leave me be

Favor me, and set me free

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am a worthless coward on the face of the earth, set to burn, and never to learn...

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