Ashes Won't Burn


My rating for this poem: ****

(*-pure crap, **-Not so Great, ***-Farely decent, ****- Excellent, *****- Outstanding)

The tallest trees will fall

The kindest bear will maul

Mortal’s shall die…

Ashes won’t burn

And to life, I speak

To life, I uphold

Once the flame enters

The story’s been told

Glistening upon the banks of enlightenment

The flame does flicker, ever brightly

A flame of life does burn on the banks

And ashes of life are gone forever

Once young, and fruitful

Now old and weak

Death is certain

To all who seek

Time slips by, and ages pass on

Internal rebellion, leans on us all

You might be clean, or you might be on meth

But sooner or later, you’ll dance with death

The scorching flesh of ended life

The torn redeems the end of us all

The ever increasing sea of mortals

The ever increasing ashes…

The most beautiful rose, still has its thorn

The most wonderful paper, is useless when torn

The worst scholar is destined to learn

Ashes to ashes, and ashes won’t burn

Few things are always certain in life

Some will succeed, some will pass on by

Some will laugh, and some will cry

But sooner or later, were all set to die

The flame of life will scorch us all

Sooner or later, our life shall fall

Seduction of eternity, set to spurn

Ashes to ashes, and ashes won’t burn

Virile, my soul

I seek no control

Whirling around,

Eyes confound

Led to the flame, on the glistening shores

Burning my soul, different than before

Once they are burned, ashes are done

Ashes won’t burn, they will scorch no more

Even the dumbest fool shall learn

Ashes to ashes, and ashes won’t burn

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