Paid in Full


There lies upon the starlight night

Deep as deep, and farfetched truant be

Never will I walk again

Never will I see

The days grow longer, endless so

Searing me, as the flame grows cold

And following close behind my trail

Following me, is that face so pale

Whispers longing, yet far away

I take the words, and bend them

Following close behind my path

My mind does suffer from the wrath

See she does lean upon my endless sorrow

Buried deep inside me are the truthful lies

Buried deep inside me fights the battle

My heart aflame in hell below

She follows, as death seeps all around her

But no, she will not give me death

The she-wolf so cruel, won’t take me away

She will not spare me from my dismay

An ounce of venom, is all I need

A cut so longingly, to bleed

A vacant bullet to pierce my chest

And put my hopeless soul to rest

And she follows, so close yet far behind

Her laughter ere to truth, I see

She is the mistress of death, and she follows behind

But still won’t put out the fires of my mind

Enchanted forest, we walk yet again

The eternal mile, of pain and sin

I walk on this path, ‘till death comes my way

I tread on the leaves of miserable decay

I walk on this hate-lit trail of despair

I wander endlessly, life is not fair

Death’s mistress won’t give me what I want

I want to be free, I long to set loose

Dragging my feet across bridge’s of life

Death all around, but won’t end my strife

Death in every flower and tree

But it is so cruel, it won’t TOUCH me

West winds blow until this day

Take my memories away

Yearn for life, but seek out death

Dormant lies are under my breath

Flee away, flee afar

Run on angel’s wings

Rest in peace, I wish to say

But I can’t rest, not on this day

Enchantress of death, I Yearn to thee

Take away my misery

The stalks of life, grow from the ground

But mine has fallen…

Quaint is she, still following…

Death’s mistress can show me the end of ends

I die a thousand deaths in my mind

Not of the body, my mind is so scarred

And she won’t help me end it all

Woe to courage, cowardly beast

My glitter of courage has long been deceased

And still, she follows, shedding me pain

Sheltering me from pleasure, slaying my mind

Still she follows, deterring my soul from God

Still that witch does curse me, killing me slowly

An amber sorrow burns inside, I can’t flee

Following my footsteps, on a black trail

This day shall end again in pain

This day shall be my last

I shall force death upon myself

No longer shall my wandering pain be felt

No longer shall my heart burn

No longer shall I hide my sorrow

For death can be bought from her at a price

No sixpence can buy, nor any gold nor riches

Only that price can be pain eternally, paid in whole

Only that price can be paid with my soul

Now I shall follow her, now my body will weep

My pain is not to be found, nor is sorrow deep

I shall now be used, used like a tool

And on my soul, stamped paid in full

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