Into the Flame


Look deep into my emerald eyes

Take my hand, and feel the sorrow

Look unto my vague shard of a heart

Torn by the past, and fears tomorrow.

The glass will break upon the floor

I’ll fake a smile just once more

Down into the sea of my eyes grotesque

Plunge deep, and seek for whatever you jest

Take all the fury and wrath that I hide

But leave one scrap of my heart left;

For the flame of pain burns within me

You know not the sorrows my mind holds

My heart is a chamber of fire and ash

The amber coals burn brightly.

Plunge deeper, all deeper my child

Look lower, now near the furnace

The floor is littered with shards of my heart

The heat so intense, the fire so vast.

My heart burns with the flame of all pain’s desire

My soul singed with the coals of sorrow’s fire

Destined to burn, and radiance glowing

The hastened ember of never knowing.

My heart burns, the furnace will speak for my lips

My heart aches for all the ill willed dimensions

And slaying all love, and shoveling hate

Crushed with 15 years of weight.

An illusion my life

It flows through the veins of my rage.

Plunged into darkness, no choice for my soul

Crushed and shoveled over pains you don’t know

The flames are roasting my spirit’s last hope

Hanging by a thread, a grim thread that won’t hold.

Cast into the shadow of evil

Cast into the unknown world’s fear

Strength of all my sprit dying

As the bars bend forever, lying.

Into the furnace I plunge deeper

My mind takes me to fears I never knew.

And above the flame of all pain and sorrow

Above the flame my soul does hang

Above the flame I wait to burn.

My life is crushed, not much hope

The emerald eyes now only cry

And weep not my gentle eyes shall see

None other than the burning, I long to be free.

The thread shall soon fray, the string will break

And into the flames, my life it will take

And swallow me up into breathless silence

Endeavor no more, and flames will bake.

Into the flames I will plunge

Into the radiant fires of pain

Into the darkness my soul will seep

Until that day, my emeralds weep.

Into the furnace of all sorrow’s creation

Excruciating cradle of all innovation

And never to love, never to know

What was to happen on the morrow.

The flame of all pain will singe my mind

Scorching my life, which was left behind

Whispering softly into my ears

Confirming all of my darkest fears

And into the realm of the flame I plunge

The string has frayed, the flame has flickered

Into the fallow cave they call pain

And into the flame, I plunge down.

Into the flame I fall

Into the flame

Into the flame I fell

Into the flame

Into the flame I am

Into the flame

Into the flame I lay

Into the PAIN

My soul all but ashes, melted away

An instance decayed, once the string frayed

And my voice, cries softer as I shout out in pain

“Into the void, seep into the flame.”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The best poetry is written when you are mind-numbingly depressed.

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Never Can Let Go's picture

I disagree with you that the best poetry is written when mind-numbingly depressed...when I'm like that I can't even summon the energy to find a pen :P

But...that little complaint aside, GREAT poem. I loved it and thought it was excellent.