He was a poet, said the words from his mouth

Etched with the wind, and rain

A Christian as well, said the cross ‘round his neck

A weight carried day by day.

He was open minded, spoke the endless thoughts

And the expressionless gaze on his face

But NOT a kid for organized life

Childhood, gone without trace

A teenager lived here, told the bedroom wall

With posters, and music, and games

A shelf full of books told the knowledge inside

Or the tales of wonder and fame

The carpet was stained, from drinks he spilled

Each spill tells a memory

Of a time when simpler life ruled supreme,

And the teen was a toddler, you see.

Something was LIFE, told the pictures on shelves

Or rewards, from a time in the past

Something called life, I said sitting there

And these memories will LAST.

Childhood days were simpler times,

I wouldn’t go back, somehow

I’m happy as is, in a teenagers strife

I’m happy the way I am now.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had to write this for English, based on a pre-written format.  

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