Wailing Walls


Have you ever heard the voices that cry?

Have you ever seen their pale faces?

Have you ever heard the voices wail in the night

These wailing walls entomb me…

Seeing is believing, but believing is seeing

Failing to deny that seeing is revealing

Taking all life’s fears, and throw them in the pile

Throw them in the corner, and run to self denial

Shrinking down to nothing, Shrivel down to dust

Wailing walls, and screaming halls, fight them if you must

Have you ever heard the voices cry?

Have you ever seen the endless sights?

Have you ever shivered in the night?

These wailing walls entomb me

Have you ever thought the endless thoughts?

Have you ever wondered why we fear?

Has it ever hurt so much, you cry

Wailing walls around me

Darkness is the voice that speaks

Mischief, the floorboards that creak

Sadness, are the tears I weep

These walls are closing in all around

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another song... sort of.

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