C'est Lamour


C’est lamour…

Love can give you wings,

Lift your spirit higher than the clouds

Love can make you feel elite

Love can make lift your heart up high

Love can tear, and love can break

Love can give and love can take

Love is real, but love can fake

Love will make your whole world shake

C’est lamour…

This is love, sweet love, I feel you now

This is love of ages deep

This is why my heart doth weep

Love is endless, love is shallow

Love is great, yet sometimes fallow

Like a falcon, wings do break

But falcons fly for journeys sake

C’est lamour…

Passion showing from your heart

Deeper now, humble thou art

Love is meant for all, and none

Love is meant for everyone

Thrust your heart against the wind

The whole world freezes for your love

A feeling not compared to anything

As the love lifts your wings

C’est lamour

Take your love by the hand

Take the life

Take it all

Take love


Take love gently, careful still

Love is full of passions thrills

THIS is love, love that makes the world go ‘round

This is love…love… love….

Love that makes the world go ‘round

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the French choral arrangement "C'est Lamour".  Translates to English, it means "This is love".

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