La Heroina


She's my heroin

Through the rig

And under the skin

lips like heroin

the way they just draw you in

Hooked on heroin

her every move

is a monkey on my back

Here we go again

Will I make it intact

She brings me up

She takes me down

I slam her every day

She brings me up

She takes me down

I'm no chipper, I'm in the fray

Now I'm going on the nod

I pray for it every time

I'm turning tricks just to maintain

Is it possible she's driving me insane?

Put the sharp under my skin

Pop me, or mainline, just get it in

She's my heroin

An addict knows no control

Cook her up and put her under my skin

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Not to be rude or sarcatic iin any way. Just fyi blocking someone on myspace dosen't mean that they can't read anything in your profile it just means they can't email you.
Was she really that enticing? I think your giving her too much credit. And of she was than why the hell did you let her go without a fight. If I had someone like that I would die before I let them go. From what your saying she was your everything at one point. Why don't you try and get her back. Mabey if you prove to her that your truly sincere about what you say and show that she's really worth something to you she would cherish you just like you cherish her.
Life is what you make of it.