Walk through the doors, walk through the halls

Guns in their hands, here they are, stand or fall

Time to shoot, time to die,

Hear the sounds of poor jocks cry.

Columbine tragedy, oh so sad

Blame it on the mom, or on the dad

Blame the music, blame the games

But I’ve come to tell you, YOUR to blame

Innocence of youth, gone in a flash

Two troubled teens,  troubled trash

God rest their poor souls, and the souls of those gone

But to prevent the tragedy, stop MAKING FUN

Pick on the goths, pick on the punks

Pick on the nerds, pants their trunks….

Call him a freak, call him a swine

‘Till he comes to school with a tech-9

Columbine Tragedy, oh so sad

Blame it on the mom, or on the dad

Blame the music, blame the games

But I’ve come to tell you YOUR to blame

Were they mental?  Could be,

But the one thing you have failed to see

Push the “faggot” over the edge,

He will haunt you, when his soul is free

Want to end tragedy?  Tell all the preps,

Tell all their friends to end the contest

Tell all the jocks, and the football king

The “trenchcoat” mafia, just went right wing.

Want to live another day?


We HAVE to stop making fun of people, no matter who

The goth next door, me, or YOU

We have to end the deadly game,

We HAVE to stop falsely placing the blame

On music, T.V. and video games

The blames on US, as well as the shame.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

DAMNIT PEOPLE, HERE WE GO AGAIN.  BLAMING THE MUSIC.  BLAMING THE GAMES.  BLAMING THE PARENTS.  NO NO NO, the fault is OURS.  If we stop fucking around and making fun of everyone and everything, maybe stuff like this WON'T happen.  Columbine.  I'm not saying that the two 18 year old troubled teens aren't to blame, but only to a certain DEGREE.  What about all the people who made fun of them?  No, just because they made fun of the *irregulars* doesn't mean that they deserve to die, but I think it's a damn good excuse for looking elsewhere to place the blame. WAKE UP PEOPLE.  WAKE THE HELL UP.  STOP SLEEPING IN YOUR CAVE, GET UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.  END DISCRIMINATION OF ANY TYPE IN SCHOOLS. (pardon all the language, I'm pretty pissed after reading a few old Columbine articles)

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That's extremely true. It's not music that makes us do things like murdering people, it's people. People make other people want to kill people. But yet, "it's all Manson's fault that those kids died". Bullshit. The kids teased the shooters to the point where they just had enough and then BOOM! They died. We've just got to stop while we're ahead before someone goes too far with things and then we have mass chaos.